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It sounds like an easy task: keeping your customers happy. What do you need to do to do that, though? How do you know what your customers’

Customers who are able to reach out to a service professional and get the results they want in a timely and affordable manner are usually the happiest. Sometimes the issues they have are able to be resolved easily, other times they take more time and effort, but the customer should always feel that their concerns are taken seriously and that they are being looked into.

In the air conditioning industry, for example, when a unit malfunctions or fails, the customer is left uncomfortable. This can mean that while they are waiting for a service appointment to address the issue, they remain in the heat for days or even weeks, depending on how far out service appointments are booked. No one wants that. A proactive company will see that, and head out to the site with a temporary unit to keep the customer cool while awaiting their appointment. This way the customer is comfortable, and an appointment isn’t just scheduled in a hurry. After all, a rushed and overloaded technician isn’t going to do his best work. A technician that has time to properly inspect and address the issues at hand, will come back with a much better result for everyone. Being sensitive to a customer’s needs, and having a plan in place to be able to address those needs in a way that works for everyone, is the most effective business plan of all

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