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It is estimated that overall, only 20% of existing homes now have smart home technology. When you look at the manufacturers selling these kinds of devices, however, 70% of the sales for controls are now smart technology. In new homes, this is almost standard. The thermostat is able to control all kinds of things in a residence: unlocking the front door, turning on the lights, arming a security system, along with controlling things in every room in your house. It is evolving fast, with added features of all kinds that better enable you to monitor and adjust things in your residence. 


Wondering if youd really use smart technology, especially if youve never had the benefit of something similar? Imagine coming home from vacation in the summer, having had the air conditioning off for a week. Things like smart technology allow you to turn the system on ahead of your arrival back in town so that you dont show up to an 80-degree residence. If you leave your house and arent sure if you locked all of the doors, smart technology can allow you to be able to check. Of course it does depend on what you have hooked up to the system, but once you do, the possibilities are really wide as far as what you can control. 


Comfort, peace of mind, security, and the ability to save money only running things when you are actually there to enjoy them make smart technology in the home a great choice for homeowners of all kinds. Have you considered it in your residence? 

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