Sometimes The Best Training Is Found At Home

When you can’t find the right training facility, technical school or company to educate your employees on all that they need to know to do your business the way you want them to, you create your own.

The unique learning center was established to help new hires as well as other staff to easily and efficiently get experience doing what needs to be done in our business so they are better prepared once they go out into the field. Staff here can see areas they need improvement in, and can give them specific hands-on experience with equipment they will be dealing with every day. Being able to mock up an air conditioning unit to mimic those technicians will be troubleshooting allows detailed instruction and hands-on learning that might not have been possible elsewhere. It helps individuals learn in a way that may also not be possible through books and online teachings. Called Honest University, this place of learning serves up just what is needed to produce knowledgeable, educated, experienced technicians so that they are ready when placed in the field to represent our company name.

Since establishing this learning center, it has freed up time for us to be able to seek out people who have other great values we want. We can then add the air conditioning piece to the picture later, and train them and help them get up to speed. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Creating a center for proactive training turned out to be one of the best things for us as a company and our employees as well.

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