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Air conditioning systems are invaluable appliances to have in your home. However, these appliances rely on electricity to function, which means you need them to operate at maximum efficiency to avoid high energy bills. Fortunately, there are a few practical ways to run your air conditioner more efficiently. Here are 4.

Avoid Constant Adjustments to Your Thermostat

Air conditioning systems have a recommended thermostat setting. It is often advisable to set your thermostat at a temperature as close as possible to the outdoor temperature. A slight difference between the outdoor and indoor temperatures can actually make your home feel comfortable. However, most people tend to adjust their thermostats to a lower setting. Doing this will not cool your home any faster. In fact, repeated high and low adjustments of the thermostat settings will only increase the energy use. You can consider a programmable thermostat that will switch to your desired settings according to the time. You can choose settings where your home is cooled just before you get there so you don’t feel the urge to adjust the thermostat to a low setting. A programmable thermostat will make your air conditioning system efficient by ensuring it works only when necessary.

Clean/Replace the Air Filters Regularly

Airflow is key to the efficient functioning of your air conditioning system. Clogged or dirty air filters will impede the flow of air, which means the efficiency of your system will be reduced. Therefore, make it a habit to clean as well as replace your unit’s air filters regularly. Most air conditioning units will come with an air filter cleaning or replacement schedule as per the instructions of the manufacturer. However, some issues, such as smoking inside your house, may require that you clean or replace the filters more regularly than what is recommended in your owner’s manual.

Unblock and Vacuum the Air Vents

When cleaning the air filters, remember to check the air vents too. Blocked air vents have the same effect of hindering airflow. Therefore, inspect your vents regularly and make sure you remove any accumulated dirt or debris.

Be Mindful of the Location of the Thermostat

Pay extra attention to the location of your thermostat at the time of installation. The thermostat should be installed as far away as possible from heat-producing appliances. That means you need to keep it away from appliances such as lamps and sunny windows. The thermostat can read the temperature of these appliances and assume your home needs more cooling than it does. This means your air conditioning system will run longer, leaving you with high energy bills.

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