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Air conditioning comes as a real savior, especially when the heat and humidity levels decide to break records. Though it is what you turn to once you start feeling the oppressive heat, your air conditioning unit may start acting up or fail to turn on. No need to panic, as most of these problems can be sorted out by a reliable air conditioning service. So why would the air conditioner fail to start? Here are some of the reasons:                            

Your Fuse Is Blown

There is a possibility that your fuses are not working correctly. To find out about this, you will need a multimeter and perform a continuity test. If it beeps, then the fuses are working normally. In case it remains quiet, then there is a problem. 

The Air Filters Are Clogged

Once the air filters get filled with dust and debris, you can be sure that they will obstruct the flow of air. To avoid this, ensure that you clean your air filters regularly.

The Circuit Breaker Tripped 

The circuit breaker comes in handy when there is an electrical overload. It shuts off, thus preventing your home from fires. In case it trips, then you’re AC may not turn on.

Your Thermostat Needs Replacement

The thermostat functions as your AC’s heart. It is the control panel, and if broken, blank, outdated or requires new batteries, then your AC may not turn on.

To rule this out, you could undertake a thermostat test yourself. Also, go through all the settings to ensure that they are in order.  

The Motor Is Not Working

Funny noises followed by a non-functional AC are a clear indication that the motor is faulty. Performing a capacitor test could help tell whether the motor is in its best condition. If your motor is the issue, then you could repair it or replace it. 

Reach Out to Us for Air Conditioner Repairs & Service

Contact us at Honest Air Conditioning of Venice for AC repairs, replacement, or maintenance. While most ACs may offer you service for more than two decades, some may require regular maintenance no matter how much you take care of them. If your AC has any of the problems mentioned above, contact us for repair.

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