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If you have one of those ancient manual dial thermostats on your wall, you are well overdue for an upgrade. Digital programmable thermostats have a myriad of benefits, primary among them being lower energy bills by properly programming them for your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, you could also be looking at your thermostat and thinking it might not be so hard to install a new one. However, while it may look to be simple, the device is an electrical installation, and it is best to leave it to a professional HVAC technician to install a new one.

The main concern is wiring new models. In truth, the old dial models are rather simple to install, but programmable thermostats are much more complex, requiring a certain amount of expertise in electrical wiring in order to correctly set up.

While you may think the worst thing that can happen is the thermostat doesn’t work and you have the try again, with anything electrical, that is never the case. The worst-case scenario involves electrical shock to your person, electrical fire to your home, or at the very least damage to the wiring and thermostat.

Even if you do have some electrical installation knowledge, you also need to be aware that self-installation often voids a thermostat’s warranty. Furthermore, you may know about installation, but you may not be installing the thermostat in the appropriate place. This can be especially difficult for multi-unit systems that control different areas of your home.

By seeking out an HVAC technician, even for something seemingly so simple as installing a new thermostat, you know that your new installation is going to work right on the first try and is going to be installed in a safe manner. Save yourself that DIY headache and call Honest Air Conditioning of Venice instead of wasting one of your days off!

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