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With the nature of furnaces, the air and smells coming out of your home furnace should probably not be a point of concern. It is common to sometimes experience smells when one switches on their furnace. Some of the smells emanating from your furnace are probably not harmful. However, other instances may necessitate you to check or call a technician or take any other appropriate action to prevent damage and injury. 

Dusty Smells 

Dusty smells don’t present a problem when your furnace produces them. In instances of continued disuse, it is often to find your furnace producing a dusty smell, which can easily be overcome by running the furnace with its windows open for a while to eradicate the dust from the system. 

Metallic or Burning Smells 

Encountering a metallic or burning smell from your furnace is probably something you should worry about. A metallic or burning smell often reflects the possibility that something may be burning and probably not in the correct place. Accumulation of dust may also inhibit the operation of the furnace filters, which may cause the smell, and there is still a need to check the furnace or have a technician do it for you. On the other hand, burning smells may also result from burning insulation and, in some cases, faulty wiring, which requires you to reach out to a technician. 

Rotten Eggs Smell 

A pungent smell emanating from your furnace is probably one of the biggest sources of concern. The natural gas utilized at home has no smell. Thus, if a sulfur smell similar to that of rotten eggs can be smelled when you switch on your furnace, you should immediately switch off your furnace, open your windows, and immediately reach out to your technician or gas company. Gas leaks can be very dangerous, hence, the need to respond immediately. 

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