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As we are entering the hot summer months, the last thing you need is a broken AC unit. If you suspect your AC needs repair, it’s a good idea to call for help as soon as possible. If the issue gets delayed, the condition could worsen to the point of total replacement. It’s the difference between spending a few hundred dollars and a few thousand. But how are you supposed to know when the AC unit needs repair? 

Does Your AC Unit Have Restricted Air Flow?

Particular signs show something is wrong. One of the most noticeable signs is the unit blows out warm air even when set on a cooler temperature. Make sure your AC is in cold temperature mode. There may be an air duct blockage, a clogged filter, or a compressor problem. 

Does Your AC Cycle too Much?

Another red flag for AC maintenance is the constant cycling of the unit. It turns on more often but without producing efficient cooling. Also, pay attention to your air quality. Is there a mildew scent coming from the AC? Is your home too humid? Have the filter replaced for breathing cleaner air. With above-average moisture levels in your house, the AC needs inspection.

 Is Your AC Unit Making Any Unusual Noises?

Strange noises such as buzzing, whistling, grinding, or squealing are other signs. A slipped belt, a piece not lubricated, or broken motor bearings can all cause noises. Quick repairs and part replacement are essential.

Is Your AC Dripping or Leaking?

If your AC is leaking, let us know right away! We can resolve it fast before water damage becomes a bigger problem. Also, look for any significant changes to your utility bill. It could increase without delivering the usual results and shows inefficiency.

Plan and Arrange for Routine Maintenance

It is better to get routine checks and regular maintenance. Simple fixes are more affordable than total AC unit replacement. AC units last about 15 to 20 years. Having it checked out every so often will increase its longevity. 

Reach Out to Us at Any Time

We understand that surprise repairs may leave you unprepared, especially during this pandemic. Do not let the fear of repair cost prevent you from reaching out to us. We cannot allow you to go without AC in the heat of the summer. Talk to us about setting up an affordable payment plan. We will do our best to have your AC unit functioning with clean air quality. Call us if any of the signs arise. We will be there!

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