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Are you planning to have an air conditioner installed on your property? Have you settled on an air conditioning contractor to work with? If you have here is a short rundown of what to expect during your air conditioning installation.  


Your air conditioning contractor should begin by testing the air conditioning system to be installed. This testing should be carried out as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  

This testing procedure is carried out to ensure that the air conditioning unit is in tip-top shape before installing it. If the unit is faulty in any way the necessary steps on the warranty should be followed to get a replacement. 


After both you and the air conditioning contractor confirm the AC unit is in good condition, the installation follows. Your contractor should ensure that they carry out the installation correctly and effectively the first time to prevent you from racking up subsequent costs from repairs. 


Once the AC system installation is complete, a competent air conditioning contractor should take you through the operating instructions of the system. This is especially vital if you are installing a new type of AC system that you have not used before. The air conditioning contractor should also answer any questions you may have regarding operating the system.  


Your air conditioning contractor should not leave your property before agreeing on when to schedule the next tune-up appointment for your AC. Regular tune-ups are essential to keep your AC system performing optimally and to address issues as soon as they arise to save yourself from incurring high repair costs eventually. Your air conditioning contractor should also advise you on how often you should change your air filter depending on your environment and the needs of your AC system. 

As your air conditioning contractor, you can expect the above and much more as we conduct your air conditioning installation. Contact Honest Air Conditioning of Venice today to request an appointment.

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