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The U.S. Department of Energy spotlights the impact that heating has on typical energy bills, accounting for nearly half of your home’s energy usage at 42 percent. So, it makes good sense to concentrate on applying smart furnace and heating tips to deliver a noticeable impression on household consumption and your wallet. This winter tackle high heating bills with these four approaches.

1. Have Your Furnace Serviced

Furnace tune-ups prepare your equipment for extended use during chilly months. A trained HVAC technician performs checks and calibrations on the various components of your furnace and heating system. A thorough exam ranges from gas burner and inlet pressure checks to thermostat and vent system inspections and an overall operation review. Problems, potential breakdowns, and energy-draining issues can be identified and addressed before they compromise the efficiency of your system and drain your wallet.

2. Minimize Drafts

You lose up to a quarter of the heated air in your home through drafty windows and doors. Keep that warm air from escaping by sealing those cracks and drafts with weather-stripping, caulk, or foam. Even hanging blinds or thicker curtains during the winter can help minimize heat loss. If it’s in your budget, consider upgrading your windowpanes for better insulation.

3. Be Smart About Your Windows

Keeping warm air from escaping isn’t the only way to ensure your windows aren’t wasting energy and costing you money. Ensure you’re paying attention during warmer times of the day and take advantage of nature’s heating unit – the sun. Open blinds and window coverings on the windows in your home that face south during warm hours. Then close them before it becomes cooler to help trap that natural heat indoors.

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats give you more control over your heating system. They offer energy savings and support more comfort while applying smart home heating practices. Set it for 68°F during the periods when you’re indoors, awake and active. Program it for between 58°F and 61°F while you’re sleeping and when you’re not home. These simple adjustments can lower your heating bills and reduce energy waste. With the programmable option, you enjoy convenience and more heating consistency.

Call on our team of professionals for furnace and heating service, repair and HVAC equipment installation to help keep your home toasty during cold weather months.

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