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Warmer weather is quickly approaching, and now is the prime time to make sure your air conditioner is functioning at its best. To ensure that your home will bring you comfort with its cool temperature from the humidity that waits outside, consider a tune-up. 

What Happens During A Maintenance Inspection?

 What is the Condition of the Thermostat?

First, the technician will inspect your thermostat to ensure it is installed, working properly, and not near any appliances that produce heat including light bulbs.

 Are Electrical Connections Loose?

Next, they will move on to tighten electrical connections. A tight connection is important because it can prevent fires and enhance the longevity of your cooling system. It also plays a significant role in how the air conditioner is functioning.

 Are Parts Lacking Lubricant?

All parts must be adequately lubricated or else they will need frequent repairs due to wearing and tearing. The lubrication of the parts will decrease the chances of the motor parts friction to cause damage.

 Is the Condensation Draining Line Clear?

Checking the condensation draining line is necessary because if it is not clear, it can lead to leaks, bacteria, and mold. Cleaning also ensures that humidity will not be an issue. The technician will clean it properly to ensure it is working at its highest potential.

 Are System Controls Working Well?

The air conditioner should not produce any noise and it should start and stop without any delay. 

 Has the Air Filter Been Changed?

Lastly, the technician will change your air filter. This will improve the airflow of the air conditioner and if the technician notices it feels weak, they will repair your ductwork.

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