What Causes Refrigerant Leaks in Air Conditioner Equipment?

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An air conditioning system can’t cool air without refrigerant, a substance that some people refer to as “freon.” Cooling equipment doesn’t normally leak this chemical. When leakage occurs, it usually happens due to one of five reasons:  1. Worn Parts  Rust or the deterioration of seals may eventually trigger problems. Decaying connections could allow refrigerant… Read more »

Hiring an Air Conditioning Contractor? Here’s What to Expect

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Are you planning to have an air conditioner installed on your property? Have you settled on an air conditioning contractor to work with? If you have here is a short rundown of what to expect during your air conditioning installation.   Testing   Your air conditioning contractor should begin by testing the air conditioning system to be… Read more »

Why Thermostat Installation is Best Left to Professionals

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If you have one of those ancient manual dial thermostats on your wall, you are well overdue for an upgrade. Digital programmable thermostats have a myriad of benefits, primary among them being lower energy bills by properly programming them for your lifestyle. Unfortunately, you could also be looking at your thermostat and thinking it might… Read more »