Can You Hide Away an AC Unit With a Fence?

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When the temperature soars to the upper 90s, you are pretty thankful to have an air conditioner for your home. However, central air outdoor units are not the most aesthetically pleasing things to look at. It is a big block of gray or tan that can ruin a perfectly cultivated look. So you may wonder… Read more »

4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

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As a homeowner in Venice FL, you rely on your heating and cooling system throughout the year. Keeping your furnace well-maintained will ensure it keeps working when you need it most. Proper maintenance will also help extend your HVAC system’s life. The following tips will keep your furnace running smoothly and help you avoid costly… Read more »

Do You Need Expert Air Conditioning Service?

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Warmer weather is quickly approaching, and now is the prime time to make sure your air conditioner is functioning at its best. To ensure that your home will bring you comfort with its cool temperature from the humidity that waits outside, consider a tune-up.  What Happens During A Maintenance Inspection?  What is the Condition of… Read more »

Four Top Energy-Smart, Money-Saving Furnace and Heating Tips

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The U.S. Department of Energy spotlights the impact that heating has on typical energy bills, accounting for nearly half of your home’s energy usage at 42 percent. So, it makes good sense to concentrate on applying smart furnace and heating tips to deliver a noticeable impression on household consumption and your wallet. This winter tackle… Read more »