When Should I Consider Furnace Repair?

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With the nature of furnaces, the air and smells coming out of your home furnace should probably not be a point of concern. It is common to sometimes experience smells when one switches on their furnace. Some of the smells emanating from your furnace are probably not harmful. However, other instances may necessitate you to… Read more »

Troubleshooting an Air Conditioning System That Won’t Turn Off

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Your air conditioner should stop running when the temperature you set has been reached. However, if it starts running continuously without turning off, it is usually due to a problem somewhere. There are several reasons why your air conditioner would fail to turn off. Knowing the culprit behind the problem will often help you know… Read more »

Deciding on An Air Conditioning System for Your Commercial Space: What Are Your Options?

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An air conditioning system is essential for your commercial building to keep both your employees and customers comfortable. However, there is no one-type-fits-all when it comes to air conditioning systems. Besides the common things such as size that often make the difference, the type of system itself matters most. Different air conditioning systems are designed… Read more »

You Can Now Run Your Air Conditioner More Efficiently – Here’s How

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Air conditioning systems are invaluable appliances to have in your home. However, these appliances rely on electricity to function, which means you need them to operate at maximum efficiency to avoid high energy bills. Fortunately, there are a few practical ways to run your air conditioner more efficiently. Here are 4. Avoid Constant Adjustments to… Read more »