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If you have a ducted air conditioning system, the ducted network should be properly enclosed all the time. Leaks in your duct system will reduce the efficiency of the system, resulting in poor indoor air quality and increased cooling costs. While the ducts are designed to last, normal wear and tear, among other issues, can cause cracks, holes, or loose connections along the ductwork. It’s important to know when your air ducts develop leaks in order to plan for the required repairs and avoid having to deal with high energy bills or poor indoor air quality. Therefore, watch out for these signs that your air ducts could be leaky.

Your Home Is Taking Longer to Cool

Is your home taking longer than usual to cool? Chances are your air ducts are leaking. Holes and cracks in the ductwork will reduce the amount of air reaching your rooms. In most cases, reduced cooling capacity of your air conditioning will be accompanied by inconsistent room temperatures. Therefore, contact an air conditioning technician to inspect your ductwork if some rooms in your home feel cooler or warmer than others. Generally, if the air ducts leading to your bedroom are leaky, for instance, the room will feel warmer than the rest. This is a practical way to determine the affected areas in your home.

It’s worth noting that unless you’ve added new appliances to your home, you will also notice higher energy bills. That’s because, with air getting lost along the ductwork, your air conditioning system will be forced to work harder to attain the indoor temperatures you desire.

There’s an Increased Accumulation of Dust in Your Home

It’s not unusual to find some level of dust in your house. However, too much dust accumulation should be concerning. This can happen if you have leaky air ducts, particularly on the return side of the ductwork. As the cool, conditioned air flows back into your house, the leaky ductwork will suck up any dust, dirt, pollen, allergens, etc. that will flow together with the air. Consequently, there will be a noticeable amount of dust on surfaces such as walls and furniture. It’s important to act swiftly in such circumstances to have the leaks fixed, especially if you have people in your house sensitive to allergens.

You Can Tell from Visual Cues

If you constantly peek through your attic, it can be easy to spot damaged air ducts (if they run through your attic). Some of the visible signs of ductwork damage include holes in the ducts and loose connections in the ducts.

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