“We decided a couple years ago to invest in our company and our future. We couldn’t find any local training facilities or technical schools that taught all the things that we wanted to. Including a customer service aspect of the training. About three years ago we created Honest University. That is what we call it….

It’s important to do maintenance on a brand new system because it’s the second most expensive piece of equipment in your home other than your roof and it’s a lot like an automobile when you buy in your car you have to maintain it tires and changing the oil regularly same with an air conditioning…

Warranty is another big thing if you don’t have a maintenance agreement in place to do regular maintenance on the system and there’s a breakdown with the equipment that warranty can be denied because there’s no maintenance that has been done on a machine.

Last night, for the 5th year running we were voted the best Local A/C Company in the Herald Tribunes Reader’s Choice Awards! We are honored that you all voted for us and we promise to continue giving you the best service possible!

Honest Air Conditioning is always looking to give back to our community.

Here are a few photos for our latest project working with Habitat for Humanity.

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